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Louisa County Public Schools Data Warehouse

In the spring of 2017, Louisa County Public Schools began the development of a data warehouse to house student scores on a wide variety of assessment tools. The goal was to have this student assessment data quickly and easily available to staff to help them make informed instructional decisions.

Louisa staff began the project using Tableau, one of the most robust and respected database platforms in the world. As the project progressed they found that Tableau would perform better if the data from each individual student assessment tool was converted from its native platform into a standardized format.

Based on this need, Media Orange was hired to develop a Microsoft Access database which would house standardized tables for the data so that it could be quickly processed by the Tableau query engine. The database Media Orange created included over twenty automated import processes which converted data from the LCPS student information system and from various student assessment tools into standardized Microsoft Access tables. These table could then be queried by Tableau resulting in a significant performance improvement for all Tableau functions.