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Fluvanna County Public Schools Field Trip Requests SharePoint Application

Media Orange designed and developed a SharePoint web application for Fluvanna County Public Schools which tracks requests, approvals, driver assignments, and driver payments for student field trips.

TheĀ  application is housed on the school system’s Office 365 domain and is secured using Active Directory user accounts. Teachers and staff can make field trip requests which are then routed to appropriate building principals, curriculum directors, and transportation staff using SharePoint Workflows. The entire approval and driver assignment process for a field trip can be completed in a matter of minutes rather than days.

Media Orange also developed a Microsoft Access database to be used by transportation staff which links to the live SharePoint data. This database creates driver instructions and driver payment documents. It also provides extensive reporting features with summaries of driver payments, costs per pupil, and mileage totals.

As of spring 2019, the field trip request web application was in its second version. The original version was done in the school system’s local instance of SharePoint 2010. When Fluvanna Schools migrated to SharePoint online, Media Orange created version 2 for that platform.