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Four County Players Membership Database by Media Orange

Four County Players Membership Database

Four County Players is Central Virginia’s longest continuously-operating community theater. A non-profit organization, Four County relies on volunteers for most of its operations.

As the organization has grown, it has become critical to keep careful track of membership dues, donations, and sponsorships. Four County also needed to keep track of volunteers who possessed the various skills necessary to put on the wide range of plays, musicals, and concerts sponsored by the organization.

Four County Players turned to Media Orange to develop a comprehensive database solution. Currently the data application is built using Microsoft Access and is being utilized by one user in the Four County Players office. In the future, this application can be ported to the web using the SharePoint platform which will allow data entry from any location by a large number of users.

This seamless integration of Microsoft Access and SharePoint is a powerful feature. It allows for maximum scalability. As the data needs of an organization increase, a single user database can be easily upgraded to a full scale web application.